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The Alcova Advantage

Alcova Mortgage, LLC is a correspondent lender as well as a mortgage broker. This means that we are able to fund loans with our own money, while also having the flexibility to broker a loan through wholesale lenders when appropriate. Simply, we have numerous outlets and products and can guarentee you the best rate, terms, and costs.

How is Alcova different than using my local bank?

The most significant difference between us and your local bank is that we have access to dozens of lenders through correspondent channels, as well as broker channels, offering wholesale rates, whereas your local bank (say, Bank of America, or a smaller regional bank), has only its retail rates for its own products. Our lenders know they are competing with other lenders, thus our clients get the advantage of lower rates due to our large volume and pull within the industry.

How is Alcova different than using a typical mortgage broker?

Alcova is a correspondent lender, in addition to a broker. Through our correspondent lending, we have full control over your loan because we fully process your paperwork, underwrite your loan, approve your loan, and fund your loan. A typicall broker takes your application, collects some documents, and then send the loan out to a lender who will work on your loan from there. If something goes wrong, or the lender does not like the loan, it will be more difficult for a typical broker to work through the process to see your loan through to funding.

Should I use Alcova?

We think so! If you have worked with us before, then you already know the reasons Alcova is the premier mortgage lender in the region. If you have not worked with us yet -- chances are good someone you know has. Additionally, please see what some of our clients have said about us here.




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